When was the last time you were photographed?

I had the great pleasure of photographing my wonderful and beautiful friend, Antonietta, back in the Fall when she graciously agreed to model for me as I began to build my portfolio for my contemporary beauty portraits of everyday women.  It makes me so happy to know that I have created a legacy of amazing images for my friend and her family to cherish for years to come and pass down.  This wife and mom of two does nothing but give of herself all day long and deserves beautiful images of herself. She like every woman, deserves to dress up, have hair and makeup professionally done and feel like the most beautiful woman in the world! (Be sure to scroll all the way down to see more of her beautiful images.)

Over the past 12 months I have been asking women “when was the last time you were photographed?”  You know what most said…. my wedding day or high school senior year.  That is way too long!

It’s time to get in front of the camera. You need to exist in photographs for yourself and your family. Photographs are so important to your family history especially when they become a memory.  I am excited to create the most beautiful images you have ever seen of yourself.  If you want to dress up, be pampered with hair and makeup and sip champagne and enjoy strawberries and be lead through a completely guided magazine-style photo shoot!  Call me!

After your photo shoot, you will come back to my studio for a reveal of your retouched matted images. Buy only what you can’t live without right off the reveal wall and take home with you in a premiere, heirloom folio box that hold up to 20 matted images. You will also receive a complimentary corresponding high resolution digital file of each of the images you purchase.

PS…. you can even include your mom, sister, and daughter for a girls day or include your husband and son(s) too!  I will photograph you and your family!




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